Looking for IPv4 Spaces?

The IPv4 address space is independently marketed by Geoegy. Years of experience in facilitating IPv4 address transfers and transactions have been accumulated by our team.

About Us

Geoegy is a service provider that specialises in assisting businesses with the acquisition, sale, and due diligence procedures for IPv4 address spaces and other Internet Registry resources. Our company is based in the India, with offices in Bangluru, Karnatak. Since we began working in the data centre and network industry in 2017, our team of IPv4 brokers has successfully closed numerous deals with clients on five different continents. Our team assists clients with reputation management, blacklist monitoring, long- and short-term leasing, and other services in addition to buying and selling IPv4 address blocks. Speak with one of our IPv4 consultants today to learn more about how Geoegy can benefit your company.


Profitable businesses are using data more than ever; select a service from the list below.

Buy IPv4 Addresses

The process of purchasing an IP address is time-consuming and involves several parties. IP brokers may assist with buying IP addresses at the best rates in a quick and effective manner.

Sell IPv4 Addresses

Due to the scarcity of IPv4 addresses on the market, selling IP addresses can bring in large profits. IP brokers can assist in finding buyers and negotiating the best prices when selling IP addresses.

Lease IPv4 Addresses

Leasing IPv4 addresses is one of the most effective solutions to the IPv4 exhaustion since it is less expensive and takes less time to do than purchasing IPv4 addresses.